The Who, What & Why…

For thousands of years, the parasol (or umbrella) has served a dual purpose – when folded, it can provide support in the form of a cane or walking stick; when fully opened, it offers protection against harsh weather.

Parasol Creative Ltd was established as an umbrella for new creatives seeking to gain valuable experience in the world of commercial artistry. Parasol’s network of creative professionals provide experience-based learning, guidance and support.

Resulting from of over 20 years of collaborative work and networking, the Parasol Creative circle consists of Graphic Designers, Print Professionals, Photographers, Videographers, Animators, Fashion Designers and Makers, Jewellery Makers, Make-up Artists, Illustrators, Media & Marketing Professionals, DJs, MCs, Musicians, Producers, Caterers and Event Planners.

When it comes to achieving dreams and pursuing career goals, we understand that a lack of self-belief and a lack of confidence can often be a barrier for some extremely talented young people. Our aim is to build their prospects through the provision of work experience and advice that enables and inspires them to be brave.
Using their skills to build creative careers for themselves…and hopefully others.

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All enquiries: info@parasolcreative.org

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